Auditions 02

Dear Reviewer:

One exciting thing about AUDITIONS 5 is the format. Rather than press play and skip through the chapters that interest you, navigating this DVD is far more interactive. Each couple is represented by a lively Polaroid image that a viewer can click on to view an individual audition.

Michael Lucas starts each scene by interviewing the stars. It makes you realize that these are the real hot guys you meet out in the world, and you get to know a little bit about their personalities too. Fall in love with the guys as you are introduced to each star as though you were meeting them at a proper party or social event- only this time you get to see what they can do with their cocks!

AUDITIONS 5 stands out because as much as it shows well-lit close ups of hot guys fucking and sucking to exquisite delight, it also pays attention to the mind as an erogenous zone. It offers the viewer a chance to be seduced by the personalities of the guys because they talk about themselves openly. People may find a new crush among these sexy new stars, which guy is your favorite? Find out in AUDITIONS 5!

The fifth installment of Michael Lucas’ breakout AUDITIONS series is TWICE as scorching as the first! Ten hot guys, new in-depth interviews, and tons of outrageous sexual escapades make VOLUME 2 an absolute must-see! Think you know what it takes to be in a Lucas Entertainment production? You ain’t seen NOTHING until you see AUDITIONS VOLUME 2!

Scene One: The steamy sex starts off with the pairing of super-stud Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Wilfried Knight and newcomer (and fellow Frenchie!) Gabriel Sinclair. After a lighthearted interview conducted by Lucas, the duo’s explosive chemistry shows in some hot 69ing, some fine ass-chomping, and a wet conclusion via some hot-and-heavy mutual masturbation.

Scene Two: Next up, Michael Lucas himself hooks up with cute Israeli Dani Eitan. Eitan throws lips to Lucas’ monster cock after a brief interview, and then he does the same for Lucas’ ass. Properly hardened up, Lucas flips Eitan over, lubes his ass up, and works that thing missionary-style. Legs sprawled wide, Eitan cums all over his own hairy chest. He then tickles Lucas’ balls with this tongue for the scene’s second hot money shot.

Scene Three: Twink duo Luke Stamm and Jason Dean get paired up for the third scene. The two lean studs suck each other off before some intense 69 ass-eating action. Then Stamm lubes up his big dick in order to give Dean a proper butt-ramming. In the heat of the moment, Stamm pulls out and pisses all over Dean, who happily drinks up and bathes in the golden shower before jacking his rod off all over the yellow mess.

Scene Four: The roughest sex in this collection comes from Latino sex pig Asoka and twink Eric R. While the duo get down to sucking on each others’ big cocks, Asoka fingers Eric’s bunghole in preparation for the bumpy ride that’s to come. Asoka lubes up and works Eric’s butt from behind before flipping him over and lifting him by the legs for some hardcore airborne thrusting! Asoka then puts Eric back down on the bed and works the living daylights out of him side-splitting-style until Eric cums all over his own face! Asoka pees and jacks off fervently over Eric in return.

Scene Five: A steamy multiracial threesome concludes this volume. Lucas Entertainment Exclusive J., African-American hunk Kacorot, and Latino papi Alex Lopez go at each other like nobody’s business. J. ends up getting the most cock, getting fucked both doggy-style and legs up in the air. Never one to let a hot scene go on without joining in, Michael Lucas pops into the action too, and the foursome proceed in a fuck and suck fest that ends with everyone blowing their respective loads.