Auditions 38: Sluts

Auditions 38 is pure SLUT-fucking fun! Watch as we break in fresh meat and pair them with aggressive sex-pros! Michael Lucas interrogates each horse-hung stud before their scenes so we get to know the men behind the sex! Then the hot and horned-up cum whores suck, rim, fuck and blow their loads on camera! Starring Cavin Knight, Phillip Aubrey, Jake Lyons, Braxton Bond, Adam Richards, Cezar Dior, Tristan Jaxx, Tiko, Ivan Rueda and Michael Lucas.


In this opening scene from Auditions 38, Michael interviews Cavin Knight and Tristan Jaxx, two pieces of hot new man-meat in his ever growing stable of horse-hung studs. After grilling the guys about everything from job history to sexual positions, Michael sets the boys to the task and they waste no time getting into a heated make-out session. Soon, the clothes are off and the boys start sucking each other off. While Cavin tries to satisfy his craving for meaty cock, the adorable, beefcake Tristan shoves his juicy lips and tongue deep into Cavin's smooth ass hole. Once Cavin's muscled ass has been properly teased, Tristan takes him for a ride that neither of these cock-hungry sluts will soon forget. Tristan continues to feed Cavin's tight hole, pounding him over and over again until Cavin sprays his hot seed all over his ripped abs and chest. When it's Tristan's turn, he jerks his horse cock until he shoots his load right into Cavin's cum hungry mouth and Cavin laps up every drop. Be sure to catch these hot studs as they take their first steps in the world of gay fuck films.


Macho top Cezar Dior shares his first boy-on-boy kiss with soft-spoken redhead Braxton Bond, who says he's not great at interviews, but proves to be better than great at bottoming! From the first kiss, it doesn't take long for the clothes to come off, revealing two hot tattooed bodies and two impressive, cut dicks. Cezar jumps right in licking Braxton's tight, pink hole and Braxton returns the favor by choking down Cezar's massive cock. Bisexual Cezar proves that he knows how to make a guy moan by ruthlessly pounding Braxton's gorgeous, round ass. Braxton then takes over by riding Cezar's rock hard shaft until Cezar takes control back, flipping him onto his back and fucking him until Braxton shoots his creamy load onto his stomach. When it's time for Cezar to blow his wad, he makes sure to do it right onto Braxton's face, who happily laps up all the stray jizz he can find.


Former altar boy Adam Richards is surprised to find out that his tattooed, blond scene partner Phillip Aubrey only wants to top today, declaring "I'm gonna tear it up" and promising to get rough. After diving in to suck Phillips hot, cut dick, Adam is ordered to take off his pants, which he gladly does. When Phillip's thick shaft has been thoroughly worked over by Adam's tongue, Phillip's tongue gets a workout of its own, feasting on Adam's smooth ass. After opening up for Phillip's tongue and fingers, Adam’s pink hole is ready to get slammed, but Phillip makes him wet his dick again to earn the privilege. Adam can't stand it anymore and begs Phillip to fuck him. When he's good and ready, Phillip gets Adam face down on the black leather couch and pounds away at his greedy, round ass and then flips him over, fucking him until he spills his seed onto his tanned stomach. When he's ready to cum, Phillip shoots his load across Adam's angelic face and into his eager mouth. There will be plenty to confess come Sunday!


Gentle-looking Jake Lyons promises Michael Lucas that his looks can be deceiving and that "the lion comes out in bed". After promising to fuck him, Michael makes Jake work for it by sucking him first, which Jake happily does, choking on Michael's mammoth meat. After Jake get's Michael's uncut dick sufficiently wet, Michael makes good on his promise and fills Jake's tight hole with his throbbing cock. After a marathon fuck session with Jake spread-legged on his back, Michael flips him onto all fours and thrusts his member all the way in and out repeatedly, making Jake's angelic face contort with pleasure and pain. Jake then rides Michael hard and fast, making his own thick, uncut cock bounce. Michael then gets Jake onto his back, spits in his face and smacks him, all the while fucking him until he spills his seed across his barely hairy chest and stomach. Then Michael feeds him some of his own spunk before letting Jake suck his cock until it gushes cum into his waiting, hungry mouth. Lucas certainly did make this Lyons roar!


We start with an interview and get a glimpse of men behind the fucking. Tiko and Ivan Rueda are in an apartment in Berlin and discuss what turns them on and who is dirtier: Germans or Spaniards. Soon tattooed sex addict Ivan leans over as the two begin a passionate make-out session. Not to waste any time, Ivan rips Tiko’s pants off and devours his thick uncut dick all the way to the base. Tiko pumps his hairy muscled body as Ivan slobbers all over Tiko’s juicy cock. After getting his dick soaked Tiko drops to his knees to swallow Ivan’s uncut meat. Soon Tiko throws Ivan down on the bed to tongues his willing hole and teases it with his throbbing meat, sliding up and down in Ivan’s slippery crack. After his hole is prepped Ivan begins a rough ride on top of Tiko’s massive member. Tiko pummels in and out of Ivan watching him moan in ecstasy. Ivan hops off Tiko’s dark meat to face fuck him and sit on Tiko’s face for one last rim job. Then Ivan lays back and shoots his creamy load all of his own torso as Tiko adds his pool of cum to the sticky hot mess. The two end with a passionate kiss enjoying their conquest.