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    @cruisingforstuds Morning

  • D.o. Fan wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    Michael.. pls make a scene different from the normal stuff of you and the other guy talking on bed and then making out. Put it differently like in a gym or a car or something and more of seduction.. And include more blow job from you to the other guy..

    • kissnick

      I don’t agree with this comment, so I guess it’s difficult to please everyone !
      For me, the best scene is always two guys having sex on a bed.
      I don’t think it’s more sexy to watch a scene at a gym or inside a car.
      And I prefer to watch the other guy blowing Michael’s nice cock, then Michael giving a blowjob.
      Sorry, D.o. Fan… At least we agree…[Read more]

      Posted on Mar 06, 2013
      • D.o. Fan

        Hi Kissnick.. I think you took my comment wrongly.. I am a crazy fan of Michael.. What I meant was that all the scenes starring him looks kind of same format… there is really no change in the format… and Michael giving BJ to other guy is very limited and sometimes nil also. Pls shoot the scenes differntly..

        Posted on Mar 12, 2013
    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Hey guys – Thank you for your comments. The truth is, I encourage models to do in films what they like to do in real life. I for instance, like to eat ass and don’t care so much about the dick. I think it looks fake when I am doing it

      Posted on May 15, 2013
  • D.o. Fan wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    Also please do a scene in which you give a nice blow job to the other guy.. In almost all your scenes you do it very less.. Its a fantasy.. please do it more…

  • D.o. Fan wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    Hi Michael, when D.O. we get to see more from D.O.? Also can we get to see yourself and also Andrian with him? Please D.O. something for a X-MAS treat…. Thanks

  • D.o. Fan wrote on adrianlong's Reel

    pls add me as a friend

  • D.o. Fan wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    hii.. please add me as a friend.. Am a crazy fan of u

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      just added you.

      Posted on Nov 29, 2012
      • texaslatinguy

        Thanks for the add Michael!! I want an audition and lick your feets!

        Posted on Dec 03, 2012
      • D.o. Fan

        Hi Michael.. Please add me as a friend

        Posted on Dec 06, 2012
  • SCstud wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    I just lost myself in a personal and intimate interlude with Michael Lucas and Mathew Mason at home in bed after a hard day at the office making video fantasies for us. It was joy to see Michael free and open, truly making love for his own pleasure. Thanks for sharing Michael… and Mathew. We all deserve love like this!