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  • SCstud posted a Fantasy Scene, Lawson Kane Surrenders has tight ass to Will Helms 4 years, 11 months ago

    It would make a classic video to have hot top Lawson Kane “secretly” bottom for Will Helm in an attractive, masculine bedroom setting. The video would begin with eager kissing and mutual sucking and rimming which leads to Lawson breathlessly asking Will to fuck his ass. Tight shot as Will penetrates Lawson and then moves on to a vigorous fuck in which Lawson exclaims, “I love having your dick in my ass!” Will responds, “You make me feel so good,baby!” The video ends with Will fucking the cum out of Lawson [fucks him while he jerks to orgasm] and then whips his cock out of Lawson and shoots his load on Lawson’s chest. Fade to black, then Lucas logo as the two lovers kiss tenderly.

    Will Helm and Lawson Kane