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    Scene titled : Justin Cruise Slips into Stockings for Adam Killian. Great stuff, 10/10 for technical merit and artistic impression. Adam smiles all the time, like the cat got the cream, nice to see someone enjoying their ‘work’! And its not hard to see why, Mr Justin Cruise is pretty damn fine

    • ga65

      Funny, I just watched this same scene last night! I agree, it does look fantastic: nice camera work, particularly the angles with the mirror, and the attractive color contrast between the sheets and the stockings (Yes, I said STOCKINGS, Mr. Suit&Sheer). Adam of course is perennially awesome.His training as a dancer is especially apparent here in how gracefully he moves in this scene. If you haven’t watched Awake yet (and you should), he’s got another incredibly graceful scene in it, a threesome with Trenton Ducati and Alex Marte. He directed that scene as well as being in it, and he moves those three enormous bodies around from position to position like ballet. Justin is adorable, but I’m a lot older than he is and rarely attracted to men under 30, so I’ll leave it at “adorable”. On the other hand, Adam is just coming into his prime.
      Stockings aren’t really my kink, but I was definitely starting to feel them before the end of the scene. Those enormous, engorged cocks and how they struggled valiantly against the mesh. Will they find their way out? It made for great porno drama.:)

      Posted on Jan 02, 2013
      • Greyan

        ga65, ha ha, I’m a lot older than Justin is too believe me, but then I’m a lot older than most people ;-). He is luscious eye candy though and neither of us is dead yet πŸ™‚
        I never thought I could enjoy men in stockings either but then perhaps it depends on the men πŸ˜€ I have not really seen many threesomes yet, I prefer them giving each other one to one attention, but on your recommendation I’ll give the threesome you mention a go πŸ™‚ Adam is clearly a man of many talents ;-). Happy New Year

        Posted on Jan 02, 2013