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    I got a hotel room and called a stripper / dancer for a private show. He got nude and had a rule that I couldn’t suck his cock. He did let me suck his toes. I’ve had a foot fetish ever since. The scene with Cavin & Tristan sucking his feet & toes is so hot.

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    • Suit&Sheer

      It will be hotter worshipping sheer socked feet.

      Posted on Jan 06, 2013
      • Oliver

        Sheer socked?

        Posted on Jan 06, 2013
        • Suit&Sheer

          Is nice to see actors helping each other taking shoes off slowly and show sheer socked feet. They can smell and lick each other feet covered with beautiful/expensive long sheer socks. Then taking one of the socks off to works on toes.

          Posted on Jan 07, 2013