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  • jeremy posted a Fantasy Scene, A gift for my boyfriend 5 years ago

    In the locker room Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati are have the shower & kissing.then Trenton say he has a surprise for Tate.but Trenton tell Tate he need to get his ass ready.
    Trenton do toysplay on Tate ass.then Trenton call in the guys.Spencer Reed & Rafael Alencar.Trenton stand-aside

    Spencer Reed & Rafael Alencar. come in.take a look at Tate ass.they both eat Tate ass.then Spencer go to have his cock suck by Tate.Rafael eat & fingers Tate ass.
    then Trenton get his cock suck also.
    Rafael put on condom & fuck tate doggy stye.then spencer turn to fuck tate.then trenton ask tate,if he want a DP.Tate say yes.Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati kiss
    then Spencer Reed & Rafael Alencar DP Tate. Trenton ask Tate how does it feel. Tate (answer)

    then Trenton kiss Tate as Tate get fist. only.Trenton dont fist Tate.
    after the fisting.Trenton bottom for Rafael while Tate get fist by Spencer.
    Then Spencer fuck Trenton, Rafael fuck Tate.then they cum.