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  • Alexander70 posted an update 5 years ago

    Dear Michael. It will be one of the hottest movie (AWAKE) which you ever filmed. Are there any piss scenes in the movie)

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      No piss scenes in this movie. But if you like piss be sure to check out Push it Out.

      Posted on Sep 19, 2012
  • Dear Michael. Question: Do you plan to make more hot dirty piss movies like “Urine Ibiza”? I hoped you make a same movie when you were on Mykonos? Please let me know….

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Absolutely! Check out our Lucas Raunch site. (Click “sites” from the top menu bar then select which site you want) I believe that we are the best company when it comes to filming piss movies. And of course we shot one while in Mykonos. The film is called “Push It Out”. The first two scenes are on the website now and the DVD comes out August 31st.

      Posted on Aug 23, 2012
  • Hi Michael. I was fascinating about the fact, that you filmed a porn scene on a tower (threesome), which is offen visited by tourists. I know the place quiet well. How could you film there?

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Glad you were fascinated. We filmed it during the off-season early in the morning on a weekday as to avoid your prying eyes until the release date. Hope you enjoyed every last steamy second.

      Posted on Jul 02, 2012
  • Hi. Could I know, where exactly were filmed the first piss scene in the film Urine Ibiza? Where was the place on the island?

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      The first scene was shot in the driveway of our private villa on the northern end of Ibiza; just outside of the town of Jesus.

      Posted on Jun 28, 2012