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  • Hapier posted a Fantasy Scene, Pantyhos II 5 years ago

    Adrian was watching a scene from Pantyhos series that makes him want to try a pair of stockings himself, but he has no idea where to get one. Jeremy happens to visit and he is no stranger of stockings after doing the Pantyhos scene which he sort of get addicted to this new fetish he found. He takes off his trousers, wearing nothing but black pantyhose underneath. He takes it off slowly and put them on for Adrian. Jeremy then take out a body stockings from his bag then put it on. The two start kissing and get incredibly turn on. Jeremy starts sucking, rimming and fucking Adrian as he put Adrian’s toes in his mouth worshiping his gorgeous feet. He then bend Adrian over and make him cum all over his own mouth and face, and of course, Jeremy cum all over Adrian’s face too and the two kisses and share the two big loads together.