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Prohorov calls Lucas to invite him over for another round, but Lucas cant make it. Luckily, Prohorov already has the sexy, rosy-cheeked Misha Petrov, who has added a few tattoos since his debut in To Moscow with Love. The guys flip-flop in several positions before cumming on each others smooth, muscular chests.

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Andrei Prohorov

Andrei Prohorov

Andrei gives versatility the meaning it truly deserves! Not only does this shifty little Russian dance at a straight strip club in Moscow--where Michael Lucas discovered him (and what was Michael doing straight strip club, anyway?)--but he also plays both fields working successfully as a bisexual escort.

Misha Petrov

Misha Petrov

Misha is a sexy, blue-eyed boy with a great cock who has become one of our most popular models for magazine editors. He doesn't know a word of English, but he still managed to seduce our former cameraman in each of the Moscow productions (which is why you'll notice the camera work in both movies pays special attention to him).

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