Twinks in Jail

Hot young criminals, tough cops, grungy jail cells, and strict reprimands -- it's all in a day's work for the guys in prison! Lucas International presents "Twinks in Jail" featuring a cast of 10 horny Czech studs whose naughtiness is guaranteed to rub off on you! Who knew that serving time for bad behavior could be so much fun? On top of that there are plenty of kinky twinks that go crazy for leather, piss, and more! Watch as the all-Czech cast demonstrates just how hardcore it can get -- all with heavy foot play, paddling, cum-swallowing, domination, and much more!

Scene 1: Jan Muzicka, Richard Mencner, and Filip Hrabik

Doctor Richard Mencner is tasked with performing check-ups on two of the jail's recently admitted cons: Jan Muzicka and Filip Hrabik. He gives the hot Jan a backdoor probe with a rubber glove, and horny Filip starts working on himself while watching. The tension soon builds up to a sex fest that includes everything from jock straps to dildos, paddling to candle wax!

Scene 2: Karel Kohlicek and Marek Matyas

Officer Karel Kohlicek brings in sexy smart-ass Marek Matyas for questioning, but right from the beginning Marek refuses to cooperate. A reprimand is in order: First, Officer Karel orders Marek to peel off his socks and lick his feet and toes. Once Karel has had enough, he spins Marek around and spanks his bottom cheeks until they're cherry red. Karel and Marek soon exchange blowjobs and ass-eating until Karel talks Marek into submission with an extreme fucking.

Scene 3: Jiri Suchanek and Luki Lyko

Rough sex is what the guards at this jail live for -- newcomer Jiri Suchanek is sent alone into a bathroom with the weathered and rough Luki Lyko. Luki immediately commands Jiri to strip; he pulls out his cock and starts pissing all over the worried Jiri. Golden showers quickly turn into blowjobs and ass-eating before Luki penetrates Jiri.

Scene 4: Olda Smidi, Andrej Matyas, and Karel Gonda

Officer Karel Gonda is one hell of a crazy sex pig. His duty is to guard the inmates of the institution he watches over, but instead uses his power by manipulating the guys inside! To quench his thirst for twink juice, he snatches away two boys -- Olda Smidi and Andrej Matyas -- and orders them to mess around with each other while he pleasures himself. He then has the guys fuck him in his ass!

Scene 5: Frantisek Hrclak and Khasli Slaby

Blond hottie Frantisek Hrciak is jerking off to a dirty magazine when Khasli Slaby walks in the room with an enema in hand. The two immediately engage in heavy foot play, spitting, cock-sucking, and whipping. Frantisek then douches out Khasli's firm ass before fucking it in multiple positions. Both guys shoot their loads and piss into each other's mouths and happily swallow!

Scene 6: Lumir Bartos and Jakub Velner

Hot twink Lumir Bartos is pumping iron in the gym when he sees Jakub Velner getting dressed. Lumir tells Jakub to put a leather jock-strap on and roughly suck his toes while Lumir wears a mask. Lumir sticks his dick through a weight plate and orders Jakub to suck him off hard. Lumir then paddles Jakub aggressively before ordering him to eat his tight ass, and then he mounts him in multiple positions. The two then cum in each other's mouths!

Scene 7: Toni Luka and Makhalyo Shebedyak

Makhalyo Shebedyak calls up escort Toni Luka (a.k.a. Jakub Korous) to come over with a leather hood on. Toni makes Makhalyo suck his uncut dick while spanking him and then uses a leather paddle on him while the slut wears a ball gag. After fucking him, Toni tears off the mask, cums all over the ball gag still in Makhalyo's mouth, and licks it off. Makhalyo then jacks his load onto Toni's foot.

Scene 8: Lukas Prenosil and Josef Sobotka

Lukas Prenosil is playing pool with twink Josef Sobotka when the two start getting horny. Lukas sucks on Josef's feet and dick before Josef whips Lukas's hot ass and then fucks it on the pool table. Josef shoots his load on Lukas's ass and Lukas returns the favor into Josef's mouth.