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  • The scene would start with Damien and Edji kissing in a bathroom. Then Vito enter the mens room and they stop kissing, but stare at Vito Gallo when hi is pissing.

    Damien and Edji get close to Vito and put out their cocks. Edji watch how Damien starts taking the big cock of Vito with his hand jerking off.

    Soon Damien get down and start…[Read more]

  • Is a spanish day celebration and Bruno invites his friends Avi Dar, Vito Gallo and Cameron to the country in a village. Late in the night after celebration, they are drunk and he stops near a gas station where they meet Edji Da Silva. When Edji ask what they want, Bruno says he wants to be fucked by Edji.

    Bruno starts sucking the big cock of…[Read more]

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    • Suit&Sheer

      These Spanish boys wearing exectuive socks (calcetines ejecutivos from corte ingles in Spain) will look so hot for that scene (no shoes on please)

      Posted on Dec 12, 2012
      • edjidasilva Lucasman

        ok !
        when ? lol

        Posted on Mar 09, 2013