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  • @michaellucas Michael when is your PVR-filmed movie coming out? We would love to see hints about it, such as what Sean Xavier’s roles in the movie is. Would love to see a hot group with Sean and some hot latin guys – Draven Torres, Viktor Rom, Lorenzo Ciao, Ibrahim Moreno and Javi Valero. wow!!!!

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      hey there
      just another month and a half!

      Posted on Jul 18, 2016
    • hot4groupfun

      Can’t wait! Any hints you can share on what the scenes entail?

      Posted on Jul 21, 2016
  • @johnnyventure Johnny I want to deep throat that beer can thick dick of yours, and eat your smooth bubble butt out for hours upon end. You drive me fucking crazy just keep doing what you always do, and that is being a very sexy horny fuck beast

  • Peter mentioned @kgb220 in a public message

    Nice pic. Hope you ate the cum after it dripped.

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  • neilmark1 wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    @michaellucas Michael I spoke with a friend last night and we would like to see a movie centred around rimming, rimming and more rimming. Daisy chain and many guys who will them flip-rom and ruck their partners. Cum shots on chests, balls or assholes. Just a fantasy of ours that we wanted to suggest for you. Keep up the filthy work.

  • neilmark1 wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    @michaellucas Michael I just read something that depressed me. Is it true that most guys who do porn are straight. What is your response to that. I am in total lust with Woody Fox and Kayden Gray,and in love with you. Are Woody and Kayden gay?

  • @michaellucas hey michael,
    when the scene of you and rdylan james will add to the web?

  • neilmark1 wrote on Beptep's Reel

    @beptep Hi Beptep. Where did you live in Canada and where are you now. Those two guys aren’t in my line of vision but are they hot. My newest fantasy lovers are Woody Fox and Kayden Gray.I could watch them for days, they are 200%masculine sex appeal. I am moving from Edmonton to Chicago next week, please wish me luck. Bye for now and thanks for…[Read more]

  • neilmark1 wrote on michaellucas's Reel

    @michaellucas Michael it’s almost as though you invented fucking, you’re brilliant. I loved this scene with Bryce Evans. I would love to see you and Kayden Gray do a hot scene. No matter who you fuck it is raw and passionate. I’d love to rim you.

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    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Thank you:! no i did not invent fucking but I am trying to improve it:)

      Posted on Sep 11, 2015
    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Thank you:! no i did not invent fucking but I am trying to improve it:)

      Posted on Sep 11, 2015
  • @michaellucas man, it’s always good to see a new scene with you in it…nothing gets my cock harder than seeing you fuck

  • RawRaul mentioned @michaellucas in a public message

    @michaellucas Hey Mr. Man! Any chance of a hot bareback scene between you and Rafael Carreras on the horizon?!?!? The chemistry between you two in Diary of Giovanni was epic and would love to see your big, beautiful cock cum in his sweet ass!!!

  • @alejandro1 Sure, Joey Pele and you have a very nice chemistry and connection !
    You take much pleasure to get his hard cock in your ass !
    Joey is great top, and you so so good bottom !

  • maximus88 wrote on SinCityboy's Reel

    @zapper44 Happy New Year, man!!

  • @alejandro1 Just viewed your scene with Joey Pele. it was great. I’d like to suck and fuck your feet.

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    • AlejandroAlvarez Lucasman

      I am very glad that you like it!!! 😛

      Posted on Dec 30, 2014
  • seaguypnp wrote on hot32mate's Reel

    @hot92some639 Thanks for the friend request. I see we have similar good taste I am a Saxon West fan too, love seeing him in bareback videos.

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    • hot32mate

      yea who doesn’t love Saxton West. He is a sexy stud.

      Posted on Dec 31, 2014
  • uncut8 wrote on AlejandroAlvarez's Reel

    @alejandro1 Thanks for the Friend request! You’re an incredibly hot man.

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    • AlejandroAlvarez Lucasman

      Thank’s!!! ^_^ You welcome, is allways nice make new friends!!! ^_^

      Posted on Dec 30, 2014
  • eljee23 wrote on jjmspooner's Reel

    @djm9910 Hi how are you? I’d like to chat with you and look at your photo. Maybe you can tell in private mssg about yourself. Thx and goodbye…

  • RickUk wrote on AlejandroAlvarez's Reel

    @alejandro1 a bit disappointed, as the scene is not available and when you click on it says that the video is not found…. it is 10.00am ion 26th December in UK, so ……

    • AlejandroAlvarez Lucasman

      Don’t know wat happen…..
      I sow on the calendar 2 weeks ago that was to be release yesterday but on the calendar is not there any more….

      Posted on Dec 26, 2014

      Sure enough, she was removed from the calendar !! :((
      Hopefully your scene scheduled for Monday 29 with Joey Pele is well published !

      Posted on Dec 26, 2014
  • jjmspooner wrote on eljee23's Reel

    @6apr13 Hi I’m in the states. I love the Netherlands was there twice but not in the last 10 yrs. What an amazing country! Hope we can catch up live time.

    • eljee23

      Hi nice to hear that you have been in The Netherlands. I like to chat with you and hope we can catch up live time as well. Like to know what you look like.

      Posted on Dec 23, 2014
  • eljee23 wrote on jjmspooner's Reel

    @djm9910 Hi, thank you for contacting me. I like to chat with you and talk about this site and our lives. I come from the Netherlands. Goodbye, chat with you soon I hope.

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