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  • activeforever posted a Fantasy Scene, Orgasma!!! 1 week, 5 days ago

    Bereback Sensual sex scene.
    Adam will fuck Rafael,
    and than rafael will be top on Adam!!!
    They both are sex animals, and it will be orgasmic to see the coke
    of rafael going in to Adam’s ass!!!

  • bigrawtop posted a Fantasy Scene, Trial by Jury 2 weeks ago

    How about a courtroom scene where we get to see what is behind the judge’s robe. Everyone is in suits. The jury is all men. The public -with women- is excused.

    Or juror interviews get a little hot and bothered. Police officers are also included in the orgy or gang bang.

    Add to the cast -Blake from SeanCody (Steal him away!).

  • I would love to see Michael passionately dominate Chris and make Chris cum without him being jacked off. The usual kissing, oral, rimming would be great but I would love to see Michael simply make love to Chris and get him off simply by the feel of his cock being repeatedly sent home. For Michael’s cumshot, either an internal one or one where…[Read more]

  • two hot strangers in the night meeting in a elevator in the same building, hooking up and flip fucking bareback in the showers and bedroom

  • A hot orgy scene with creampies !

  • maximus88 posted a Fantasy Scene, 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    I wanna to see Chris bottom!

  • My fantasy is to sit in the middle of a large ballroom and have all my favorites cum in my mouth so I can drink the sweet man juice. I would then want Michael and 21 other men to fuck me. I want Michael to fuck my virgin hole first. Now here is the kicker I’m 53 year young disabled veteran. I do not have legs, I am a bilateral amputee above the…[Read more]

    All of the Models I have in my favorites
  • hot32mate posted a Fantasy Scene, midnight swim 3some 1 month ago

    midnight swim with 3 hottest guys in a hot bareback in a steamy pool. all flip fuck one another.

  • A bunch of guys take a boat out on the water on a Beautiful Summer day. The combination of Hot men , the blazing sun & beers ignites a scorching Orgy onboard.

  • one night stand. business trip. hot raw flip fuck

  • The light on Jones Beach is waning. And as I sit quietly on my towel I inhale deeply to drink in the last of an absolutely perfect Summer day. I look around and realize that I’m the last of the guys in my area.Before packing up completely I decide to smoke a little weed & drink in the last of it. As I.m chillin’ I glance eastward & see a small…[Read more]

  • hot32mate posted a Fantasy Scene, wet and wild 1 month ago

    a pool or shower scene hot bareback be hot. these two guys are the hottest guys right now.

  • lohan posted a Fantasy Scene, 1 month, 1 week ago

    Triple fucked by Rafael, Michael and Rafael. Rafael Carreras gets so turned on he cums three times and leaves me completely drenched and filled up.

  • One thing these three men all have in common is they have HUGE bums! I would love to see these beauties in a sensual, bedroom setting, and for the scene to start with some kissing. Then Diego should suck Adam as he sucks Rafael. After that, Rafael should lie face down on the bed, with his face in Diego’s ass, while Adam licks his hot hole buried…[Read more]

  • 67Guy posted a Fantasy Scene, Anal Lotto 2 months ago

    These five guys each have to pick out a “lotto” ball. Two of them marked “Top” Two marked “Bottom” and one marked “Versatile” Then they go for it with each other, performing the role they’ve picked out. And the versatile guy gets the best of both worlds!

  • barbeito posted a Fantasy Scene, Raw 3some Chain 2 months ago

    The scene would start off with me and Dean solo. We would kiss very passionately until he gets on his knees to suck my cock and get it wet. I push him down on the bed, lift his legs in the air and eat out his hole deep (at least 10 minutes) … I slide my raw cock inside him and fuck him nice, slowly, deep … after a while, Michael walks in and…[Read more]

  • The 5 black guys tie up Marc with his hands behind his back. He is seated and they make a circle around him in a round bath. They take turns getting sucked by Marc, then they tell him to open his mouth. They piss into his mouth one after the other, and tell him to drink. Then they take turns spitting on him, and fucking him. They all come into his…[Read more]

  • 67Guy posted a Fantasy Scene, Jessy bangs Drew 2 months, 1 week ago

  • 67Guy posted a Fantasy Scene, 2 months, 1 week ago

    Adam Killian & Nick Sterling (from Randy Blue & Falcon) having a steamy multi-positioned flip-flop

    Nick Sterling
  • zapper158 posted a Fantasy Scene, Break in 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I would love to be sleeping and these four guys break in, tie me down and take turns fucking me. Each one shooting their loads inside me…

  • RickUk posted a Fantasy Scene, WET LUNCH 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Michael, the suited boss of the firm, invites Adam, his business partner, to join him and his office newbie, Addison, to a seedy bar for pre-lunch drinks opposite the office. The two partners drink and tease the newbie, who understands he is going to be soon their pleasure whore. The three move to the toilet, and the two bosses piss on the suited…[Read more]

  • Shane goes to a sleaszy bar dressed slutty. He flirts with hot guys and ask them if they want to fuck. When they say yes. He says “you can have my ass bareback.” He keeps teasing them if they are reluctant. Once they say yes, they go into the back of the bar or the alley and fuck and he tells the guy to breed him with his raw cock before he…[Read more]

  • Technical difficulty. Last Fantasy left off the guest list. Add these guys.

    • bigrawtop

      foam parties at Sweatbox in Soho London on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

      Posted on Jul 07, 2014
  • It’s Woody’s birthday and his best friends rent out a popular bar for a foam party. They surprise Woody at the bar and guys start arriving. As the foam starts, clothes come off slowly (tease). Duncan and Dale are the bartenders, but eventually they get dragged into the fun. Lots of bareback fucking (coming inside-not pulling out). Woody ends…[Read more]

    donny wright
    gabriel lenfant
  • MuscleDawg posted a Fantasy Scene, RAW MEN REST ROOM 3 months ago

    Running into Marcus issac in a public washroom at a truck stop on hi way. We both admire our hot asses he lowers his pants and show the ASSet and I go down eating him deep n wet. And he return the favour. While we are at a mystery guest walks in and sees us his dick get rock hard. He doesn’t hesitate to lube one of us he gives on of us the a…[Read more]

    MuscleDawg or a hot dark haired short with a big muscle ass
  • My fantasy would come true if you can film a bareback, flip-fuck scene between Wagner & Diego with full-on creampie, cum swap, and felching.

    The scene would begin in a shower, then a bubble bath, and end on a candle-lit bed. Passion and love, complemented with tender kissing and slow, sensual fucking, should be the focus. They will…[Read more]

  • Hi, i don´t know if you will answer me but i would really enjoy dor me and the other streamers to have a new movie with outdoor sex all over the world, sweet men, hot bodies, lots of rimming and bareback sex with sweaty muscular hunks, like adriano carrasco, jay roberts, liam magnuson, D.O, damien crosse and others, and a…[Read more]

  • Triple threat action! :)) I would LOVE to let this one go into ANYTHING goes! :) The Mystery is exciting!

  • I would love an xxx version of the bachelor. Mathew Mason is the bachelor who must choose a partner in the end to pursue a relationship with. he gets to date each of the models to make his decision. The models take turns seducing him and offering their best assets. At the end of each episode, he must eliminate a contestant. When he finally gives a…[Read more]

    brett matthews
    Tory mason
  • active4ever posted a Fantasy Scene, 8 months ago