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  • Katze posted a Fantasy Scene, Pure Pleasure 3 years ago

    D.O. comes home from his office after a hard working day. He sits on a sofa for a while and closes his eyes. Then he gets up and starts undressing, his suit, his tie and everything else lands on the floor. D.O. lies on the sofa slowly caressing his body. He gets a hard-on and massages his cock. Then he puts some lube on his other hand and gently…[Read more]

  • Katze posted a Fantasy Scene, Fuck me, Doc! 3 years ago

    D.O. is a surgeon in a clinic. His patient Diego comes to him for a check up and the doctor suddenly understands that his interest in the handsome young man is not only a medical one. Diego feels the same for his surgeon. The two undress each other slowly, kiss and caress each other´s bodies and then passionately flip-fuck.

    Diego Lauzen