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Mon, November 29, 2010

The premiere of Harry Louis’ FIRST bottoming scene!!!

It’s here! The long awaited premiere of Harry Louis’ FIRST bottoming scene! Check out the hot behind-the-scenes fun with Harry and Hugo Martin as they get ready to be Trapped in the Game!

Harry Louis is reporting international news on the television when he begins to speak directly to Jonathan Agassi. He tells Jonathan to head to another location by foot, a restaurant in which he sits, waiting in fear for his next unpredictable instruction. Waiter Hugo Martin douses Jonathan with red wine and Jonathan follows him across the street. He finds out this was a diversion, and Hugo sends him to another address. Harry comes to meet Hugo and hands him a wad of cash. His next reward: some one on one deep dicking! Harry strips Hugo like a greedy sex fiend and shoves his cock into his mouth. Hugo pulls out Harry’s own monster cock and wraps his lips around as much of it as he can. He worships Harry’s big throbbing cock until Harry gives him a similar tribute in his soft, toned ass. Harry stands up and penetrates Hugo from behind with his big fat weapon, pounding him mercilessly just like the power bottom loves! He descends from on top, throws Hugo on the sofa, and reams him like a jackrabbit. Hugo flips Harry, showing off his versatility, and fucks him back like a man. Harry cums quickly, shooting powerful rockets over his rock hard chest. Hugo continues pounding until he can’t help cumming across Harry’s pelvis.

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6 responses to The premiere of Harry Louis’ FIRST bottoming scene!!!

  1. Victor said on November 30, 2010

    Can I please have that piece of furniture that Harry was on while being bottomed. I don’t even need the whole piece, just the part he was on would be perfectly fine.

  2. NATE said on December 1, 2010

    love harry <3


  3. miguel said on December 13, 2010

    me encanto!!!!

  4. Sam Harvey said on December 25, 2010

    Excellent scene EXCEPT: Why are they both wearing black socks, or socks at all. Socks and especially black socks are so distracting.

  5. Jay said on December 30, 2010

    Yeah black socks are distracting BUT not too distracting for me! Im gonna keep my eyes on Harry , and see hiw he lijes big dicks pounded in him! ;-)

  6. BigdicknBigD said on January 15, 2011

    I’d eat Harry Louis completely out!!
    And suck his extraordinarily thick cock.
    Then pound his ass hard!!!!!

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